Greater Waco Community
Education Alliance

C/O Waco Foundation
1005 Wooded Acres, Ste. 701
Waco, Texas 76710
Phone: 254-741-0081

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Developing an understanding that the entire community
shares responsibility for educating every citizen.

"The Waco area is blessed with a community that understands we must work together to ensure quality education." – Dr. Sharon Shields

"The Education Alliance is very dear to me. It’s really getting traction in the community, I really appreciate its effort." – Former Mayor Jim Bush

"Beginning as a design on a proverbial napkin, the Education Alliance has become a unifying agent." – Dr. Richard Hinckley, CEO of CORD

"The greatest thing you could do for a child at risk is connect them to an adult who cares." – Anne Broaddus, Kids Hope Waco



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